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1. DreamBox Learning Math Help Software
Curriculum based math software for kindergarten 1st 2nd and 3rd grade children. Provides fun web-based adventure games and includes progress tracking tools for teachers a...
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2. New Science Theory.
Explains how science theory has developed and now needs a new pyh...
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3. US Biomax Inc.
Provides tissue arrays (TMAs) a high-throughput method for expression study of protein and in situ screening of mRNA with multiple tissue samples. Also offers prote...
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4. Exotic Gardens of Monaco
Visit the exotic gardens of Monaco and its observatory cave in Monaco to discover the world of cacti and other succulent plants including...
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5. Mathematics and Engineering Research
Find original research in engineering mathematical sciences and physical scien...
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6. Physics Help
Help provided to university college and secondary school students by expert physics tutors. Physics homework help tutorials solved problem set...
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7. Rainforest Facts
Facts about rainforests their plants and animals as well as information about rainforest destruction and how we could and why w...
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Learn the meta model milton model and sleight of mouth patterns with the free and outstanding NLP Coach and Evol...
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9. Brools Ltd - Mosaic Mimic Display and Control Pane
Manufacturer designer builder and installer of mosaic mimics control and MCC panels in various materials. Also suppliers of field wiring and PLC contro...
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10. The Biodiversity of Tamborine Mountain Australia
How a video archive was made to record an area of outstanding biodiversity threatened by development. With extensive gallery of images and stories by local r...
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11. Safety Consulting - Remediation Services - Auburn
Auburn Environmental is an environmental consulting service dedicated to credible quality cost-efficient environmental se...
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12. Park Systems Atomic Force Microscopes
Manufactures and sells Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) and scanning probe microsc...
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13. DynOptic Systems Ltd
A range of opacity and particulate monitors capable of measuring opacity percentage and meteorological range. These monitors are suitable for boilers power...
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14. OLED-Info
OLED (Organic LED) information news articles forums and mor...
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15. Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
Beckman Coulter develops manufactures and markets products that simplify automate and innova...
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16. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
One of the first authentic Suzhou-style gardens in North America provides insights into Chinese culture life during the Ming Dynasty architecture horticult...
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17. Climate Action
Produced in partnership with UNEP cooperates with UN agencies NGOs and Multinational corporations providing a platform to raise awareness of the lat...
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18. Carbonrally - Climate Change Acitivsm Community
A site that challenges everyday people to make everyday lifestyle changes - and tells them how much CO2 they re saving in the proces...
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19. Satellite Imaging Corporation
Providers of high resolution satellite images aerial photos GIS and cadastre mapping DEMs and 3d...
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20. Nicodemus Wilderness Project
Wilderness conservation organization dedicated to protecting Earth s biodiversity and ecosystems through education outreach and voluntee...
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21. KaiDa Technology Limited
Providing a broad range of precious metal catalyst precious metal compound and tit...
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22. Meteorite Fragments
A selection of authentic meteorites for sale including achondrite stony and iron meteorites recovered from...
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23. S.A.T. Math in Motion
Online S.A.T. Math Course that shows you the solutions to problems visually onscreen. Boost your score now. Over 700 problems solv...
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24. Cool Science Projects
Project guides that walk you through the science project process along with tips and ideas to get started. Shows how to turn...
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25. Galacticsurf a Portal to the Stars
Directory dedicated to space sciences containing carefully selected links categorized in 22 sections: solar system exobiology stars cosmol...
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26. Business Electricity
Compare and select the cheapest prices for business electricity online. Take advantage of the exclusive...
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27. Bellaire Scrap Metal Recycling Center
Houston and Bellaire scrap metal recycling dealer that buys and sells vario...
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28. CAI Technologies - Water Softeners Treatment Techn
Our company is dedicated to a wide range of manufacturing distribution design and consulting services specializing in air pollution control and water t...
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29. Wind Turbines
Find a selection of wind generators for farms commercial or public sector use. Also has information on renewable energy wind turbine installation costs and planning permissi...
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30. Fine
Produces and export permeation devices like tubes and microporous filters for air qual...
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